English meaning: scabby, dirt
    Deutsche Übersetzung: ‘schorfiger Schmutz am Körper”
    Material: Gk. ῥύπος m. ‘smut, Unreinlichkeit”, ῥυπόω, ῥυπαίνω ‘sully”, ῥυπαρός “dirty, filthy”, ῥυπάω “bin dirty, filthy”, ῥύπος n. “wheys”, ῥύπτω “clean”, Med. “wash mich, schneuze mich”; Proto-Slav..*strupъ (from *sreupos or *sroupos) “wound” (aksl; eig. “*scurf, scab auf the wound”), “ poison, pus” (Slov.), ‘scurf, scab” (nBulg. Russ.), ‘skin rash by children” (Ser.-Cr.), “ crust, scab, eschar “ (Pol. Cz.); ablaut. Church Slavic strъpъtъ “roughness, Härte”.
    References: WP. II 703, Vasmer 3, 32.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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